I successfully removed a mole using essential oils in 2011. 

I was using Young Living’s Thieves toothpaste as my deodorant and started noticing that a small mole under my arm was starting to flake off.  I had a mole on my upper chest and thought the toothpaste might work on it. Mole Jul 9 2011

I started applying the toothpaste to this mole and indeed it slowly started to flake off.

After about three to four weeks of applying the toothpaste to the mole twice daily, the skin around the mole started looking very irritated.  I decided to discontinue the toothpaste and started applying a drop of different essential oils to the very center of the mole.

Mole Jul 13 2011I applied Frankincense, Lavender, Thieves, Purification, and Oregano.  I would apply less than a drop to the center of the mole and apply a small amount of coconut oil to the surrounding skin.

I was tempted to stop the application at one point because it looked so bad; however, I decided to keep going.  Today I am so glad that I kept applying the oils.

It took about three months to totally removed the mole.  It has been over two years now and the mole has never returned.

mold March 28 2012  002





mole removal


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Robbi Zeck asks us “What do you Need to Give Voice to in your Life?”

Interesting that the two free oils chosen this month (with a 190pv order) are emotionally all about gaining confidence and becoming secure in who you are. 

march yl promotion 3Physically both oils promote blood flow to the brain to help with mental clarity and help reverse mental fatigue and can boost the body’s immune system.

According to Robbi Zeck:

“…Basil brings balance and clarity to the inner emotions as the need to control falls away….”

“…Basil helps the throat and heart centres to open with ease allowing a movement away from fear and insecurity…”

“…Tea Tree builds confidence and a strong sense of integrity that also helps to develop robust immunity and inner containment…” (Zeck, 2008)

So put a drop of Basil in the palm of your hand, rub your hands together and hold over your nose and breathe in the vapors and feel your head clear.  Reflect on where you find security.  Then add a drop of tea tree to your palm and repeat the process but this time reflect on being more tolerant and collaborating with others toward a common goal feeling confident that your goal will be reached.

Did you know that in the Middle Ages, Basil was recommended for melancholy and depression?  John Gerard , a 16th century herbalist wrote how the smell of basil can take away sorrowfulness and make a man feel better.  (Battaglia, 2005)

Salvatore Battaglia writes about how Basil can clear the head, relieve intellectual fatigue and give the mind some clarity.

Mailhebiau recommended Basil as a carminative and sedative for digestive insomnia –“ people who ‘digest’ their worries during the night”. (Battaglia, 2005)

Basil is excellent to use for the respiratory system because of its antispasmodic property and can be helpful for sinus congestion, asthma, bronchitis, influenza and whooping cough.

If you are feeling indecisive, hysterical, melancholic, or suffer from nervous depression basil can be used to help ease those feelings.  Basil can help folks that have a weak immune system; low resistances levels or have a debilitating illness.  (Battaglia, 2005)

My Essential Oils Desk Reference talks about how historically basil was used to treat migraines and chest infections.  Basil has the following properties listed in my book:  Powerful antispasmodic, antiviral, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, muscle relaxant.  (Essential Oils Desk Reference, 2011)

So it looks like Basil would be an excellent essential oil to diffuse in your home.

Did you know that the Australian Aborigines used to crush the leaves of the Melaleuca in their hand and breathe in the vapor to help with colds and headaches?  The name “Tea Tree” came from Captain Cook because he used the crushed leaves to brew a tea to help prevent scurvy.  (Battaglia, 2005)

Melaleuca is well documented as an antibacterial and antifungal agent.  I thought the following was of interest in my book “The Complete Guide to Aromatherapy” by Salvatore Battaglia:

“…An essential oil extracted from a variety of tea tree growing in profusion …  analysis showed that it was non-toxic, non-irritating and eleven to thirteen times stronger than carbolic as a germicide. 

Dirty wounds, such as the result of street accidents, may be washed or syringed out with a 10% watery lotion, the solvent properties will loosen and bring away the dirt which is usually ground in, and the tissues will remain fresh and retain their natural colour.  Dressings dipped in a 2.5% solution may then be applied, changed ever twenty four hours and healing will readily take place.

The pus solvent properties led me to try the lotion for perionychia (infection that develops along the edge of the fingernail or toenail) which is usually so disheartening and so frequently results in the loss of the nail or deformity.  Here the results were excellent.  Infections which resisted treatment of various kinds for months, were cured in less than a week.  The fingers were dressed with lint soaked in 10% solution and changed very twenty four hours. 

Twenty drops in a tumbler of warm water used as a garble quickly clear up a sore throat in the early stages; it should be an excellent prophylactic (protecting from disease or infection) for many infective conditions which gain entrance to the body through the naso-pharynx…”  (Battaglia, 2005)

Melaleuca alternafolia has also been used to help with vaginitis, thrush, acne, asthma, bronchitis, coughs, sinusitis, whooping cough, athlete’s foot, cold sores, herpes, insect bites, warts and so much more.  (Battaglia, 2005)

My Essential Oils Desk Reference talks about how Melaleuca alternifolia has powerful antibacterial, antifungal, antiviral, antiparasitic, anti-inflammatory activities. It has been used for fungal infections (Candida, ringworm), sinus and lung infections, tooth/gum disease, water retention/hypertension and skin conditions (acne, sores).  (Essential Oils Desk Reference, 2011)

Schnaubelt tells us we can use 1 to 3 drops of Melaleuca in a glass of water to help with cystitis (urinary tract infection, also called a UTI or bladder infection) in his book “The Healing Intelligence of Essential Oils”.  He says you can make a blend of 20 parts Melaleuca with 1 part Mountain Savory and drink repeatedly during the day (add 3drops of your blend to a glass of water) even every 20 minutes during the acute phase.  (Schnaubelt, 2011)

Melaleuca is one essential oil that everyone should keep on hand because it can eradicate pathogens and help to prevent infections from reoccurring.  (Mojay, 1997)

Battaglia, S. (2005). The Complete Guide to Aromatherapy. Brisbane, Australia: The International Centre of Holistic Aromatherapy.

Essential Oils Desk Reference. (2011). US: Life Science Publishing.

Mojay, G. (1997). Aromatherapy for Healing the Spirit. Rochester: Healing Arts Press.

Schnaubelt, K. (2011). The Healing Intelligence of Essential Oils. Rochester: Healing Arts Press.

Zeck, R. (2008). The Blossoming Heart. Victoria, Australia: Aroma Tours.


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My favorite workshop at the Young Living convention was the Emotional Clearing using Idaho Blue Spruce with Dr Allen.

Dr AllenWhat Dr Allen is seeing as she does this Emotional work is that the trauma is anything that you reacted negatively to and the trauma gets stuck in your cells.  Without the use of the essential oils, even if you have done counseling or inner healing it is still stuck in the DNA.  The essential oils help allow those blocks to be released.

What are the signs of Trauma & Emotional Blocks

Judging from the list below, it looks like we all may need emotional clearing.  Dr Allen says counseling is not enough, you need to use essential oils to release the blocks.

Read More→

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Citrus Oils

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Learn about Citrus oils. 

Click here to watch my webinar!

citrus webinar


Young Living Citrus essential oils such as Lemon, Orange, Tangerine, Grapefruit and Lime and the Citrus Fresh blend make wonderful additions to your diet and health.  Did you know that citrus oils can help with liver detoxification, digestion, cleansing, act as room disinfectants, elevate your mood, help with weight loss, increase clarity of thought, help lower blood pressure and so much more. 


“Uplift and Comfort with Citrus Fresh and Aroma Siez.”

As a massage therapist, I am always looking for the best essential oils to help with muscles in spasm.  I personally have found a blend of oils called Aroma Siez to be very helpful.  There was one day that I had a pain level of about 8 in my right shoulder.  I had tried numerous essential oils to help calm this particular pain to no avail.  I had sent my husband out to fill a prescription pain reliever that the doctor had ordered and while he was out, I remembered Aroma Siez.  I applied this blend and within moments my pain was gone.  Thank goodness because I did not have to take the pain relievers.

Aroma Siez – for Spasms and Torn Muscles

Gary D Young talks about Aroma Siez in the Young Living Training CD # 66 – Essential Oil Blends for Emotional health.

“…Aroma Seiz – a beautiful blend for spastic muscle, torn muscle, torn ligament, golfer’s arm, gym work-outs.  Basil – methyl chavicol is the primary compound here  equaling 38% over all in the total blend.  Methyl  chavicol is an antispasmodic agent, meaning that this will relax the muscle. Many of you have taken Basil oil or you have taken Aroma Siez and you have put it on a knot in a muscle and rubbed it in and worked it a little bit and felt it dissolve.  Basil oil is the primary com-pound; it’s also high in linalol as well. Ocimum basilcum, your Basil sesquiterpenes again.  Your oil is high in sesquiterpenes naturally, and remember, they are the ones that are going to be the oxygen transport mechanism for the body.

Phenols..methyl esters, 75% and 85%..there’s your methyl chavicol right there. Also, Basil contains some eugenol.  Remember, you have Basil Linalol; you have Basil Chavicol; you have Basil Eugenol.  There are four different Basils that are available on the market and we primarily use Basil Methyl Chavicol for that purpose right there.  It’s very powerful as an anti-infectious agent as well as its primary compounds as an antispasmodic.  This is for all types of muscle and tissue and is very effective there.

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I wanted to share the following testimonial about Sweetie, from Janis McGrath.

Hello, Everyone

I hope this email finds you all warm and healthy.   I didn’t get a chance to send an email in February because I was dealing with an ongoing health issue with my cat, Sweetie.   I want to share her story so your pets can benefit from Sweetie’s experience.   Please pass this along to anyone you know with pets.  Many of the ideas I discuss also apply to humans, especially the use of essential oils to combat infections. 

I brought Sweetie and her two brothers home from a shelter in February 2006.  My cat, at age 17, had died so I went to the shelter intending to come home with a new cat to love and share my life.  The kittens were too young to be separated so I came home with three kittens to foster.  After they received all their vaccinations and were spayed/neutered, the kittens could be formally adopted.  They asked me which one I wanted to keep so, of course, I came home with all three.  My previous two cats were spayed at six months, the standard recommendation 20 years ago.  These current kittens were spayed/neutered at four months.  I have heard of cats being spayed or neutered as early as eight weeks old.  The shelters’ aim is to not have unplanned pregnancies that contribute to the ever growing population of homeless pets.  The problem is that cats who are not sexually mature when they are spayed or neutered have a great chance of developing urinary tract infections as they mature.  Fortunately, my two male cats have not had any issues, but Sweetie has been plagued with urinary tract infections from about age two and the infections  occur more frequently and with greater severity as she grows older.

The first few times, her urinary tract infections (UTIs) responded to antibiotics or perhaps her body was able to fight the infection on its own.  When she was five, her next UTI wouldn’t respond to three rounds of antibiotics.  Each time, the infection would return within 8 hours of the last dose.  The third round of antibiotics was a combination of two drugs – one to kill gram positive bacteria and the other to kill gram negative bacteria.   (Thieves oil blend kills both gram positive and gram negative bacteria.) As the infection became apparent to me, Sweetie’s urinary tract would close up, she would start to bleed and look for places other than the litter box to urinate because she associated the pain with the litter box.  After starting a course of antibiotics, it would take about 36 hours for the pain to lessen enough for her to lie down and sleep.  Until then, Sweetie would wander the house, looking for pain relief.

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Rose Essential Oil (Rosa damascena) is such a powerful aroma!  One drop fills a room with its fragrance.  Did you know that the frequency of Rose Oil has one of the highest frequencies?  

One of my fondest memories was working with a client that had just lost her husband.  Her daughter sent her to me for a Raindrop session.  I had her blindly pick a few extra essential oils to be used during her session.  She picked Rose Oil and a blend called Joy which has Rose oil in the blend.  I knew that Rose oil helps heal emotional wounds and this was what she was experiencing with the loss of her mate.  When she emerged from the room after the treatment, she looked at me and said “that was unlike any massage I have ever experienced.  I feel so tranquil and peaceful.”  I smiled because as always the essential oils had done an amazing job.

I read in one of my books that Rose oil helps the heart chakra to open when grief has caused it to close down.

Mailhebiau talked about Rose oil as a miracle of nature.  He says it helps disperse worry, anxieties, sorrow and helps us experience all kinds of love: Human, Spiritual and Divine Love. (Battaglia, 2003, p. 256)

I love how Robbi Zeck describes Rose Oil.  She says it takes us from being isolated to being loved.  “…Since ancient times, the mystical Rose has been used as a symbol of the soul, evoking the essence of spiritual renaissance.  This queen amongst flowers contains the most precious of all heavenly scents.  The glorious Rose enfolds the soul within its own fragrant song, aligning it with the higher angelic realms…”

Robbi Zeck goes on to say that Rose oil helps to awaken the heart energy and causes you to seek a deeper meaning in your life.   “…During the times when you feel unloved and isolated, contemplate if you are not being loving enough in your world.  Often unhappy moments are really a mirror for us to learn a new way of being and invite a call to action to attract greater love into our lives…” (Zeck, 2008, p. 110)

Battaglia, S. (2003). The Complete Guide To Aromatherapy. Brisbane, Australia: The International Centre of Holistic Aromatherapy.

Zeck, R. (2008). The Blossoming Heart. Victoria, Australia: Aroma Tours.



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The following is an email from one of my distributors that I wanted to share with you.

Janis McGrath writes “As one year draws to a close, a new year of endless possibilities, the promise of transformation, and the hope for change, big or small, begins.   I guess this is the core of New Year’s resolutions.   We look back and perhaps wish that something or everything will be different; will be better.  Transformation was the theme for Young Living’s convention.  Transformation doesn’t necessarily mean that your whole life has to or needs to change.  The smallest of changes is a step towards the positive and one step leads to another.  The recognition that change in your life is necessary and the desire to seek knowledge or take action to make that change a concrete reality is the first step.

Young Living’s January promotion allows you to get a Free Transformation Kit (1 $153.94 value) with a 239 PV order.  The Transformation Kit contains 5ml bottles of Idaho Balsam Fir, Motivation, Transformation, Abundance, and Peppermint oil. 

I wanted to share my story with you so you will understand that positive change is always possible even when others assure you that it is not.  About ten years ago, I started feeling lower back pain that was keeping me from working as a test engineer on construction and mining equipment; that kept me from doing yard work; that kept me from exercising.   Read More→

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I would like to share information that I received from one of my Young Living Leaders, Janis McGrath.
“...Frankincense is my most used Young Living oil.  I know this because I have so many empty bottles that I reuse to make blends.  My uses for Frankincense oil include:
1.  Apply to skin tags, warts, age spots.  Frankincense repairs DNA and will shrink or fade all of these.
2.  I put a drop of Frankincense and a drop of Lemon, Orange, or Tangerine in each ounce of NingXia Red.
3.  Gary Young’s Modified Antibiotic Formula:
         10 drops Lemon
           4 drops Clove
           4 drops Frankincense
           3 drops Oregano
     Put in a capsule and take 2-3 times a day
4.  Gary Young’s antibiotic blend #2
         12 drops Thieves
           6 drops Oregano
           2 drops Frankincense Read More→
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New Improved NingXia Red

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Ready for one of the most Powerful Antioxidant drinks

on the market???

Try New Improved NingXia Red!

The following information about our newly improved NingXia Red comes from Judy DeLaRosa, Young Living Diamond. 
Judy, Thank you for sharing your notes from the call with Gary Young!
And thanks to Jacqueline McLauglin and Diana Ewald for publishing your notes in their blogs.

Introducing the new NingXia Red Power Juice!

Gary Young Diamond Conference Call – Sept. 18, 2012
Written by Judy DeLaRosa, Abundance Team Leader and Young Living Diamond

Did you know?

  • New NingXia Red has 7x more essential oils
  • More beneficial antioxidants and bioflavonoids
  • Over 30% higher S-ORAC score
  • A natural, calorie-free sweetener
  • An exciting new look

Young Living is introducing a newly formulated NingXia Red on October 1.  You will be able to add this to your orders  and Essential Rewards auto shipments starting in October.  Anyone adding any new NingXia Red product to your Essential Rewards order by October 31 will receive DOUBLE ESSENTIAL REWARDS POINTS.

If you keep the product on your essential rewards order, you will continue to get DOUBLE POINTS ON YOUR ENTIRE ORDER EACH MONTH YOU HAVE ONE OF THE NEW NINGXIA RED PRODUCTS IN YOUR ORDER THROUGH DECEMBER  31, 2012.   Read More→