Sacred Frankincense – Boswellia sacra


Sacred Frankincense an incredible essential oil.

A very informative interview of Dr Suhail by Cole Wooley.
Dr. Suhail is a medical doctor and researcher who lives in Oman and works with Young Living. His work focuses on the effects of Boswelia sacra, what Young Living calls “Sacred Frankincense”.

Dr Suhail shares information about preclinical results using sacred Frankincense.

“…Two of the most interesting cases, cancer cases, that I got the opportunity, and we got the opportunity to treat using Boswellia sacra extract was –    The first was an adenocarcinoma case with a primary lesion in the ascending colon, metastasized to liver and hepatobiliary tract with some peritoneal foci of metastases, ascites, lymph nodes, peri-aortic lymph nodes, for example, the carcinoembryonic antigen was 210 international units per milliliter, Just for your knowledge, the normal range is 5-10 international units per milliliter, when it is more than 10, I mean 10-20, it is a high diagnostic criteria of you’re having a cancer and if it is more thatn 20, that means metastases is for sure. Carcinoembryonic antigen declined from 210 to 18 in exactly 16 days.  And we got rid of the metastatic foci within less than 21 days, and the primary tumor underwent necrosis and shrinked in size to disappear in an additional 3-4 weeks. 

One of the most recent cases we were able to deal with using Boswellia sacra extract was a breast cancer stage IV patient.  Surprisingly, the primary tumor, which was 9.5 by 12.5 by 11cm in the left breast just underwent necrosis shredding off over 5-8 weeks leaving just a malignant ulcer.  Biopsies conducted in Oman, in the Muscat Royal Hospital, in Oklahoma Medical Science University by Kar-Ming Fung, the PhD pathologist there, and a third clinic in Salalah, southern Oman, proved that, by histopathological study, the tumor is no more alive, and, in fact, all biopsies were negative of having any malignancy after the patient was on Boswellia sacra extract, biopsies taken from six parts, six location, in the primary tumor proved that it’s negative,   I mean no more malignant cells.  Metastases started to disappear from the second week, particularly in the sequence of bone metastases disappeared first then liver metastases, then third lung metastases. Surprisingly, metastases disappeared before even the primary tumor. The primary tumor underwent necrosis while the secondary lesions, the metastatic lesions, just shrink in size and disappear. 

The new thing that we come to know is while the tumor underwent necrosis it just increase in size so, following up patients by imaging techniques only is not enough to assess the progress and the improvement of the patient using Boswellia sacra extract.  It’s important and crucial to rely on biomarkers, imaging, and biochemical analysis as well.

My story with frankincense, in fact, didn’t start with a cancer patient, or cancer research, it started with a story.  It was about one patient named Ayub, and the coincidence was that he got a disease – the same disease, the same skin disease that affected the prophet Ayub, Job in English..”  

“…Ayub, who got Ichthyosis.  Boswellia sacra essential oil taken orally, with topical application was able to get rid of 90% of the symptoms and signs of ichthyosis of Ayub in 16-20 days, and total cure, I can say, total cure was possible in 6-7 weeks…”

Check out the two studies posted in PubMed using Frankincense:

“…Frankincense oil derived from Boswellia carteri induces tumor cell specific cytotoxicity…” http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/19296830

Besides helping to digest cancer, it helps with brain modulation.   I was at a presentation by Paul Scheele as he told us how he had taken  a number of participates and had them use Sacred Frankincense for 30 days.  About 80% said they had improved memory.

Paul went on to show a few slides of the brain before and after taking Sacred Frankincense. The subject was given a challenging task and the slides show the difference in the brain before and after using the Sacred Frankincense.  As you can see, the brain was able to do the task much easier after using the Frankincense.


  1. Louise says:

    I have been searching and searching for Sacred Frankincense testimonials with respect to cancer and there are a few but absolutely none of them say how much of the oil the person ingested per day and how often they ingested it? Right now I’m ingesting 10 ml of orange oil as I’ve found testimonials on it healing cancer. I’m hesitant to take Sacred Frankincense without knowing amount as it is so expensive.

  2. Connie Bynum says:

    I had a post on my facebook page, Angel Touch Therapies Inc, where Dr H.K. Lin told someone how to figure out how much to take of the Sacred Frankincense.

  3. Dennis Miller says:

    How much Boswellia Sacra does a person ingest for metastasize of breast (1999) to lung/liver/spine?

  4. Connie Bynum says:

    Dennis, Sorry I would not have any idea. I think Dr H.K. Lin might have posted something on facebook.

  5. Shabana Kauser says:

    Got a son 18 months old who suffers from ichthyosis wanted to know if I can use boswilla sacra essential oil and where is it possible to buy from.

  6. Connie Bynum says:

    Shabana, I am wondering if you have tried a good lavender? I know Dr Suhail talked about ichthyosis in his video and how Sacred Frankincense helped. I have no idea how much the person used. If you would like to try any of the essential oils, You can order from my website: https://www.youngliving.org/conniebynum
    Just click on sign up and choose retail or wholesale and fill out the form.

  7. Connie Bynum says:

    Shabana, Dr Suhail sent the following message to me for someone else with Ichthyosis. Hopefully, it will help you as well.
    Dear Connie;
    For wide spread Ichthyosis i would suggest a systemic approach (oral intake) while for local lesions (or severe unresponsive lesions), occlusive cutaneous application will do good.
    The optimum way is to let B. sacra essential oil evaporate at room temperature down to 20% of initial volume (so monoterpenes evaporate) then a dose of 0.1 ml per kg per day is taken (divided into 2 equal doses). A period of 2 weeks should suffice to show positive results.

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